Financial matters


Umeå University has a common salary policy for all employees. Information

Salaries are determined individually for all positions exept doctoral students.

Two factors that is taken into consideration:

  • the demands, requirements and responsibilities of the job
  • the individual's competence and target attainment in their work

Doctoral students are covered by a seperate agreement which is agreed upon each year. In Swedish only PhD Student salaries 2019-10

Read more about salary discussion and payment of salaries.


The amount of tax you pay in Sweden depends upon how long you will be working here and also if you will be living here or not.

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Tax relief

Foreign citizens carrying out particularly qualified tasks or receiving a monthly remuneration above a certain level may enjoy tax relief on their Swedish earned income. Tax relief means that 25 per cent of the income is exempt from tax.

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Bank account

If you are staying for a longer time in Sweden we recommend you to open a bank account. If you choose not to open an account it is possible receive your salary to a foreign bank account or as a check. Talk to your HR at the department for advise.

More general information about Bank account


The Swedish Consumer Agency

"Hallå konsument" is a national information service coordinated by The Swedish Consumer Agency. You can contact them with questions about buying goods and services, making a complaint, purchasing with environmental considerations and other things that you as a consumer need help with.

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