International Staff Support

International Staff Support is a support function at the Office for Human Resouces. We support new international staff and fellows on various issues that are common during a move to, and stay in Sweden.

Moving to another country can be challenging and there are many things to consider and plan. The department will help you with the documents you need when coming here. They are also responsible for introducing you to the new work place when you arrive.

We support employees at Umeå University and postdoctoral fellows on scholarship. We also have some support to accompanying family members.

We organise the introduction programme that you can participate in. You are also welcome to use our online guidance as a complementary source of information.

Online guidance

Our online guidance will provide you with information about things that are important to know when you are planning your stay and on arrival in Sweden. There are, for example, information about what kind of residence permit you need, how to find accommodation and which insurance that applies for you. There is also lots of useful information for you when in Sweden.

Personal guidance

Representatives from International staff support can give you personal guidance and advice in some cases. As well as the International Staff Support, the Euraxess Centre is located at the Office for Human Resourses. Here you can get information about practical assistance on mobility-related issues. 

Introduction programme

Once you have started your assignment at Umeå University, you are welcome to take part in the introduction programme. The welcome day comprises lots of valuable information about Umeå University, Umeå Municipality, Swedish culture, administrative routines and much more. You also get the opportunity to meet other international employees and key persons at Umeå University.

If you are interested in seeing more of Umeå, knowing more about Swedish traditions and meeting other colleagues, you are welcome to our social activities. If you have a partner or family accompanying you - they are also welcome! 
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Depending on your assignment, it might be beneficial for you to learn Swedish. In a collaboration with the Department of Language Studies, "Swedish for Academics", available on three different levels, starts twice a year. 
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