Doctoral Studies

Here you will find the faculty’s handbook for doctoral students, supervisors and examiners. It contains important information regarding learning outcomes, supervision, follow-up of the individual study plan, doctoral courses, formalities before defence of thesis and a lot more information that you will need during your doctoral studies.

Doctoral studies can lead to a degree of doctor or a degree of licentiate.

The faculty's director of studies makes a decision regarding admission to doctoral studies as soon as an evaluation of the application has been done by the secretary of the committee of doctoral studies (FUT).

The two most common ways to finance doctoral studies are:
1) doctoral studentship from year 1
2) doctoral studies can also be pursued within a position with another employer, usually within a county council ("region") or at a university outside Sweden.


Gunilla Mårald, Faculty Coordinator
090-786 71 78

Ulrich von Pawel-Rammingen, Director of Doctoral Studies
090-785 08 08

Simon Tuck, Chair, Council for Doctoral Education
090-785 44 24

Lena Åminne