Acoustic Telemetry Equipment

Type of equipment:
Acoustic Telemetry Equipment.

Technical description/model and performance:
Acoustic receiver V100, directional Hydrophone V110, transponding hydrophone, Acoustic receivers VR2-Ar, transponding acoustic receiver V2, floating collar, mooring lug kit.


Photo: Jonatan Klaminder

Field of application:
The instruments are used to track fish in aquatic ecosystems.

Basic Mode of Operation:
The receivers/loggers are used to receive signals from transmitters placed on/in individual fish. The buoys are used to keep the receivers/loggers at a fixed location in the lake.

KBC store, Floor 1.

Access to the instruments:
The instruments can be used by anyone with experience of acoustic telemetry and must be booked via J. Klaminder (e-mail: Queue system on a first come, first served basis.

Jonatan Klaminder


Ulf Sandqvist