Elemental analyser for small sample quantities

Type of equipment:
Elemental analyser for small sample quantities.

Technical description/model and performance:
Leco TruSpec CHN Micro. Capacity: Sample size 1 – 10 mg, analysis time approx. 4 min/sample, detection 0.0004mg N, 0.00004 mg C, autosampler for 30 samples.



Field of application:
The instrument is used to quantify primarily carbon and nitrogen in small quantities in solid samples. Fields of application include sediment and soil analyses and the analysis of filter samples.

Basic Mode of Operation:
A carefully dosed sample is encapsulated in silver or tin and placed in a furnace at 1050°C. This process converts the carbon in the samples to CO2, the hydrogen to H2O and the nitrogen to N2. The carrier gas from the furnace then carries the sample components past selective infrared (C & H) and thermic (N) conductivity detectors which simultaneously determine C, H and N in the sample.

The instrument is located in Umeå Marine Sciences Centre, Norrbyn.

Access to the instrument:
The instrument can only be run by dedicated and trained personnel. The cost depends on the type and number of samples. For access and further questions, please contact Joakim Ahlgren, joakim.ahlgren@umu.se.

Other information:
It is important that the samples are dried thoroughly.

Joakim Ahlgren, Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)


Ulf Sandqvist