Archiving research material

Most types of research material are public documents and must be archived, irrespective of the research method and financial backer.

It is important that researchers structure and present the material on which their research is based in an intelligible manner. The aim is to make it clear to see that the conclusions you draw actually follow from the research data on which they are based.

A booklet is available for researchers called "Archive handbook for research material". This describes the key elements of the legislation governing the handling of research material. The handbook also gives advice on how the different elements of the research material can be sorted and described.

The archive handbook is complemented by "Retention and sorting plan for research material". This describes how the various documents that form part of a research project should be handled – whether they should be preserved forever or whether they can be deleted (destroyed) and if so, when.

In the column on the right you will find the templates that the handbook recommends to use for listing and labelling.

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