Your personal page in the staff directory

You can edit your personal page in the staff directory on

How to edit your page

The address to your personal page, or profile page, can be found by customising the following url, or the Swedish page

Enter the edit mode by going to your page and logging in. The login can be found in the top right of the page marked Login > Edit. Log in using your Umu-id. Then click the button Edit profile under your photo or silhouett.

If you need help editing your personal page, please ask the web editor at your department or office.

Profile picture and press photo

If you wish to change your profile picture, you can do so yourself. Find out how in the manual Upload a new photo on your personal page. The manual includes recommendations for cropping the image to the correct proportions.

You can also add a link to a high-resolution press photo in the University's image database, Mediabanken. Do so through the field Press photo. Add a link by right-clicking the photo in Mediabanken and choose "kopiera länkadress" (copy address to link).

Contact details and link to map

Your personal page shows your contact details, your job title and the department/office that you are employed at, or affiliated with, and your visiting address.

You can add a link to a map pinpointing your visiting address on our digital map Mazemap. You can only enter one pinned link on the map, meaning that if you have more than one visiting address, all will be replaced by the map link.

To safeguard your personal security, Umeå University does not recommend that you pin your actual, personal office or desk space using this map link. Instead, pinpoint level and corridor.

To create a link, go to the digital map and find your building. Click where you want to guide visitors to (your corridor or level) and press the link "Dela" (share). Untick "kortlänk" and copy the long URL and paste it on your personal page.




This page also displays your Umeå University email address, your phone number and potentially your mobile phone number. If you are affiliated to the University and do not have a university email address, another email address may be displayed.

The above mentioned contact details are edited through the staff administrative tool "Personaladministration" and can only be revised by the directory coordinator (katalogansvarig) at your department or office.

Tabs containing further information

Underneath the contact details, more personal information can be presented in five tabs. Only tabs filled with content will be visible on the page.

Short and long presentation

The short presentation will be shown at the top of the page. The long presentation can be used to describe your work in more detail, both in Swedish on the Swedish page and in English on the English page. You can edit these texts yourself in fields on the page. Read more about how to edit your presentation page under Update your presentation. Read A guide to writing you staff directory presentation.


Lists your publications in DiVA. If you do not want a standard listing of your publications, you can add a modified list on your personal page.


This tab automatically shows the research groups and research projects you are member of – given that they have been published as research projects and research groups on, and that you have been tagged.


You can edit a text field describing your teaching in Swedish on the Swedish page and in English on the English page.


This tab shows a list of news items and profile and feature articles in which you have been tagged. Content is shown as a list detailing the publishing date and headline sorted in descending order filtered by date. Talk to your web editor if you have any questions regarding tagging content.

Related reading

You can also add related reading about you at the bottom of your personal page. For example, chosen articles and news items. Ask the web editor at your department or office for help.

Jonas Mattebo