Virtual meetings

On this page, you find information about the IT tools and services at your disposal for meeting and collaborating online.

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By meeting online through digital forums instead of traveling, you contribute to all three aspects of sustainable development, financial savings and social aspects such as time savings.

Which solution should I choose?

Umeå University has several systems that can be used for digital meetings. The number of participants and content of the meeting decides which solution is most suitable.

Teams in Office 365

Teams is a social collaboration tool that can be used by groups to organise, communicate and collaborate in various foms. Teams is an Office 365 application that all employees have access to by logging in using their Umu-id and password.

Teams allows for chats and video conferencing with entire teams or smaller groups. You can also invite external guests to a meeting.

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Skype for business is a recommended application for chats and meetings between colleagues within the organisation. When you invite to a Skype meeting with other participants, those who do not have Skype can also connect to the meeting via their mobile phones or computers, wherever they are in the world.

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Video conferencing

Having facilities with built-in video conferencing systems is recommended for teaching and meetings with more than two parties or with extensive needs for interactivity. At Umeå University, there are around ten bookable rooms with built-in video conference systems (Cisco and StarLeaf).

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Zoom is recommended for teaching, lectures and meetings with students and other participants outside of Umeå University. Zoom can also be used by students without the need for an employee to invite to a meeting. Zoom also supports functionality for increased student activity.

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Online teaching

The tools available for teaching online can be found under Online teaching.

  Teams Skype Video conferencing Zoom
I want to ...        
Have an audio and video meeting x x x x
Chat x x   x
Show a presentation/share a screen x x x x
Share documents during a meeting x x   x
Manage participants during an ongoing meeting x x   x
Use a reusable web address (URL)     x x
Allow students to set up meetings       x
Allow active participation x     x
Make outgoing phone calls   x x  
Record meetings x x x x
Control who accesses the meeting x x   x
Phone in to a meeting x x x x

Umeå University would like to reduce the emissions from travel and transportation. Within the national project Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies, the University is launching an initiative to increase the number of virtual meetings. Digital meetings can be both cost and time efficient. Give it a go!

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Ida Åberg