COVID-19 templates and signposting

COVID-related templates and guides – Education

These templates and guides are used when rescheduling courses, modules and exams as well as making various deviations from course syllabi.

Guide and template for deviations from course syllabi
Vägledning och mall vid avsteg från kursplan

Certificate of rescheduled course, module or exam
Intyg om flyttad kurs, modul eller provtillfälle

Guide and template for rescheduling a course, course module or examination, and deviations from programme syllabus
Vägledning och mall vid flytt av kurs, modul, provtillfälle och avsteg från utbildningsplan

COVID related signpostage

The Service Office is responsible for signposting public spaces. If you see the need to add to these in department-specific facilities, please use the signpostage provided instead of creating your own. All documents contain Swedish and English messages. If you need other signs, please contact

A4 signs for printing

Keep distance

Wash your hands

Max 1-49 people in each room (zip-fil)

Signpost when premises overcrowd to warn about closing


If you have questions regarding guides and templates, please contact Thomas Wahlström, Student Services Office. 

If you have questions regarding signposting or general questions about the university's handling of COVID-19, please contact the Crisis Management Team on

Anna Lawrence