Transparency at the Faculty of Medicine

Within the Faculty of Medicine at Umeå University there is far-reaching freedom to participate in the public debate and to openly discuss Faculty's activities. Transparency is established in Swedish legislation and is also reflected in the University's values.



Academic freedom means that within research and education there is freedom to seek and disseminate knowledge without political or commercial considerations. Everyone can participate in the public conversation, without it being part of the service. Neither is needed the approval of the management.

Transparency applies to employees as well, towards the employer Umeå University. It is partly a question of us being able to openly discuss all issues internally and externally, including probable lapses or errors.
And partly that employees have freedom of information, a constitutionally protected right to communicate with the press, radio and television, for publication purposes, without it being allowed to lead to any retaliation from the employer.

Umeå University is a Public Authority and is therefore subject to the principle of public access to the records. This means that, in principle, all documents are Official and can be requested by anyone, without the authority having the right to ask for the purpose of the request. The basic rule is that public has access to information.
A small part of the content of all material is confidential, and a confidentiality stamp can be applied upon review.
Prior to disclosure, a confidentiality review is carried out. In case of uncertainty, you should contact the University's legal counsel, but remember that a request for a public document should always be dealt with promptly.

Additionally legal right to anonymity when publishing information applies to the University's employees. This means that the University is prohibited from researching who is the source of information that has been disseminated in the press, radio and television. It may also apply to certain confidential information.
However, it is never allowed to pass on information that is deemed as classified, for example someone's medical record or information that endangers national security.

Umeå University's values are anchored in legislation and are based on the principles of democracy, legality, objectivity, free expression, respect for equal value, freedom and dignity, and efficiency and service.

Ola Nilsson