Faculty Board

The faculty board has ultimate responsibility for how research and education within the faculty are conducted. Among other things, the board decides on economics, agreements, organisation and management. The committee convenes approximately eight times a year.

The board has eleven members. The dean, deputy dean, and external member are appointed by the Rector. The other teacher representatives are elected by the faculty (faculty college). Student representatives are appointed for one academic year at a time by the student union.
The faculty board is appointed for the term of office from the autumn term 2017 through the spring term of 2021.

Dean: Mikael Elofsson, Department of Chemistry
Deputy dean: Sara Sjöstedt de Luna, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Teacher representatives:
Johanna Björklund, Department of Computing Science
Thomas Degn, Umeå Institute of Design
Jan Larsson, Department of Molecular Biology
Johan Olofsson, Department of Ecology and Environmental Studies
Martin Rosvall, Department of Physics

External member: Vacant
Substitute: Christoffer Boman, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics


Student representatives:
Victor Johansson
Linnea Stålstam
Helena Eklöf
Max Malmer

Documents, letters, applications with attachments etc. regarding matters to be dealt with by the faculty board must be submitted to the Faculty Office no later than 10 days before the meeting.





Faculty board meetings

Spring 2020: 30/1, 17/3, 20/4, 28-29/5.

Ingrid Söderbergh