The Council for Research Infrastructure (M-RIS)

M-RIS is an advisory body to the Strategic Board for Research and the Faculty leadership. The Council inventories the faculty's infrastructures and recommends principles for prioritization and co-financing. Council also promotes the visibility and accessibility of infrastructures as well as the coordination of local and national infrastructures.

The Council is responsible for national and international external analyses in the field of infrastructure so as to optimize the possibility of innovative research at the faculty.


Richard Lundmark, professor of histolgy and cell biology, Chair and responsible person for research infrastructure

Maria Fällman, professor of molecular biology

Ingvar Bergdahl, associate professor of occupational medicine

Stefan Björklund, professor of medical chemistry

Leif Carlsson, professor of molecular medicine

Magnus Domellöf, professor of pediatrics

Peter Nordström, professor of geriatrics

Birgitta Olofsson, professor of nursing

External Member representing Region Västerbotten
Anna Ramnemark, Head of Office Kliniskt forskningscentrum, Region Västerbotten

Student representatives


Wasif Ali

Lena Åminne