Research Infrastructure

Here you find information on research infrastructure grants approved by the Faculty of Medicine dating back from 2018.

The Council for Research Infrastructure handles the call and distribution of research infrastructure funding. The Strategic Board for Research (FoN) makes the decision on the allocation of infrastructure grants.

The Faculty of Medicine opens an annual call for proposals for research infrastructure funding. Keep an eye out in the Faculty weekly News letter and under Announcements.

Infrastructure grants

Here you find information on research infrastructure grants approved by the Faculty of Medicine dating back from 2018.


Thunder - microscope
Thomas Boren, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, 500 tkr

The flow cytometry platform
Anders Sjöstedt, Department of Clinical Microbiology, 1100 tkr

Modular Raman spectromometer /microscope
Malin Sund, Department of Surgical and Perioperative Sciences, 600 tkr

The Northpop infrastructure
Christina West, Department of Clinical Sciences, 700 tkr

Phase 2 in developing the research area technical method development in ultrasound imaging at Umeå University and Umeå University Hospital
Christer Grönlund, Department of Radiation Sciences, 700 tkr

Ultracentrifuge for Molecular Biology Centre
Simon Tuck, UCMM, Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine 471 tkr

State-of-the-art CCD imager for capturing digital images of DNA and protein gels and blots with enhanced sensitivity and multiplex functionality
Barbara Sixt, Department of Molecular Biology, 150 tkr

Non-invasive imaging of the nervous system in health and disease using animal models of motor learning, normal aging and neurodegenerative/psychiatric diseases
Fahad Sultan, Department of Integrative Medical Biology, 488 tkr


The research portal – an infrastructure bridge between UmU and Västerbotten County Council that enables easier access, more secure usage and more research collaborations on registry data
Clas Ahlm, Department of Clinical Microbiology, 740 tkr

Improvement of the common Flow cytometry platform at the Faculty of Medicine
Kristina Lejon, Department of Clinical Microbiology, 150 tkr

Cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy/Cryo-CLEM
Linda Sandblad, Department of Molecular Biology, 780 tkr

Introducing a novel model system for translational research by establishing an organoid culturing platform at Umeå University
Daniel Öhlund, Department of Radiation Sciences, 100 tkr

A "white light" TIRF microscope for single particle tracking experiments
Marta Bally, Department of Clinical Microbiology, 600 tkr

State of the art scanning confocal microscope and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope (FLIM) for analysis of molecular interactions in living cells
Jenny Persson/Yaowen Wu, Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine/Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, 855 tkr

The Software and Hardware for advanced image analyses and display
Ulf Ahlgren, Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine, 340 tkr

NorthPop – a new infrastructure
Magnus Domellöf, Department of Clinical Sciences, 600 tkr

A work station enabling research under defined oxygen tensions
Jonathan Gilthorpe, Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Neurocience, 400 tkr

eHealth Lab
Karin Wadell, Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, 350 tkr

Upgrade of server and computer equipment at the Biobank Research Unit
Ingvar Bergdahl, The Biobank Research Unit, 85 tkr


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