Support for research

Research is one of the university's core activities. Research should be innovative, take on the challenges of society and make an international impact in several fields.

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Legal queries, agreements and public procurement

Legal Affairs Office

Public Procurement and Purchase

Registry and Archives

Data protection officer

Funding calls and research support

Research Support and Collaboration Office

IT support for researchers

ICT Services and System Development (ITS)

Courses and workshops

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Research data

Research data website

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Research planning

Funding opportunities, the Nagoya Protocol, ethics and legal aspects, safety and security, and research data management.

Writing an application

Writing support and feedback, interpreting laws and requirements, and systems for research applications.

Ongoing project

Start-up meeting for granted projects, continuous administration, budget and balance.

After the project

Publish, communicate and archive research output and data.

Document and templates

Templates for certificates, budget and time reporting.

Courses and workshops

Courses and workshops for researchers and financial administrators.

Ester Roos-Engstrand