Development process in Canvas

Canvas is a cloud-based service and the supplier is responsible for the development and  maintenance of the service.

The development of Canvas is agile with new updates each month and bug fixes every other week. As a user this means that the service is improved constantly without interruption.

A good way to stay updated about the latest news and changes in Canvas is to sign up to our newsletter, "Canvasaktuellt". The newsletter is in Swedish. Sign up under the headline Newsletter - in Swedish.

Take part of the official release notes from the supplier. Please note that some functions may not be activated for users at Umeå university.

Suggestions for improvement

If you have ideas or suggestions on Canvas and how the digital learning environment can improve you can suggest them yourself in Canvas forum for Idea Conversations. You can also vote for suggestions that other people have made. The more votes the bigger the chance that your idea is developed. Please note that you have to log-in with your Umu-id to be able to vote or leave suggestions.

If you have other suggestions or questions you can create a request to the IT-support, Servicedesk. We will look in to your request and get back to you with feedback.

It is good to be aware that suggestions and improvements are a slow process because the majority of our digital learning environments are developed by suppliers outside of the university. However, Umeå university is a part of a network called SALSA. All universities in Sweden that use Canvas is a part of SALSA  and that is a good way to achieve synergies in the development process.

Ellen Säll