Process for local qualification descriptors

The local degree requirements for every degree are described in a local qualification descriptor. Here you can read about the process that leads to the specification of a new or revised qualification descriptor and download the templates to use.

The university may stipulate more specific requirements for particular degrees in local qualification descriptors. These state, for example, what is required in order to obtain a particular professional, general or artistic degree with a specific specialisation. The precise requirements will be based on the national degree requirements given in the Higher Education Ordinance and the local degree requirements of Umeå University's local qualifications ordinance.

All qualification descriptors must follow a common structure and be written on the basis of the common templates. These state, among other things, the degree title, learning outcomes, scope, independent project and what is otherwise required in order to obtain the degree. More information about qualification descriptors can be found in the local qualifications ordinance.

If a qualification descriptor, that has already been specified, needs to be amended, the process is the same as for specifying a new qualification descriptor. A revision becomes necessary, for example, if local learning outcomes or requirements for the degree change.

Process for specifying and revising qualification descriptors
The term faculty also includes Umeå School of Education.

  1. Student Services/Degree Evaluation Office receive the proposed qualification descriptor. The proposed qualification descriptor must follow the template for local qualification descriptors.

  2. The Degree Evaluation Office reviews the proposed qualification descriptor.

  3. Dialogue between the Degree Evaluation Office, the faculty and/or the department.

  4. If necessary, the document is edited by the faculty and/or department.

  5. The proposed qualification descriptor must be approved by the faculty board no later than at this time.

  6. Final editing is performed by the Degree Evaluation Office; a reference number and the date of the Vice-Chancellor's decision are added, for example.

  7. The Degree Evaluation Office records and submits documentation on the matter. The registrar submits the matter for a decision by the Vice-Chancellor.

  8. Vice-Chancellor's meeting. The Vice-Chancellor makes a decision, following a presentation by the Degree Evaluation Office.

  9. The decision is sent to the relevant faculty and the student union.

  10. Any information about the Diploma Supplement (English-language appendix to the degree certificate) is obtained from the faculty.

  11. The Degree Evaluation Office is responsible for the degree being available for application on the Portal, and also creates codes, templates, etc. for the degree certificate.

  12. The Degree Evaluation Office publishes the qualification descriptor on the student web.

Templates for local qualification descriptors

The templates for local qualification descriptors are written in Swedish. You will find them by switching this web page into its Swedish version.

Maria Rudberg