Legal aspects in research

Your research is affected by laws and regulations when it comes to public access and confidentiality, copyright, purchase of products and services and personal data management and more.

On this page we have collected information, advice and guidelines that you as a researcher need to be aware of and consider in order to fulfill the legal demands on your research project.

Contact the the Legal Affairs Office if you have questions regarding legal aspects of your research. 


Contact information

Contact the Legal Affairs Office on

Data protetion officers, questions regarding personal data management

Contract review

Research planning

Reporting personal data processing

Before starting a research project that require processing of personal data you must report this to the University Data Protection Officer. 

Agreements in research projects

Research projects frequently require certain agreements to be drawn up, such as those regulating funding, project implementation and distribution of responsibilities between the participating collaborators. They could also cover personal data processing and other aspects. Learn more about such agreements on this page.

Ongoing project

Personal data processing in research

When you are going to process personal data in a research project, you need to make an assessment in the initial planning phase.

Sharing research data in collaboration

A guide for researcher's at Umeå University on what considerations need to be made when sharing research data with collaborators in research projects. 

Legal Affairs Office