Collaboration site for student work that contains sensitive personal data

Students have the opportunity to manage their student work that contains sensitive personal data in a customized collaboration site available in Teams in Microsoft 365. The responsible teacher or supervisor creates the site here.

The collaboration site is in Teams and is created by the responsible employee, usually a teacher, supervisor or administrator.

Create a collaborative site for student work with sensitive personal data

  1. Go to the Självservice för den digitala arbetsplatsen (In Swedish) and fill in the information in the guide to create a collaboration site. Administrator or person responsible for the course can create a collaboration site.
  2. When the collaboration site has been created, those responsible and the members receive more information about and a link to the collaboration site via e-mail.
  3. Members can now manage their tasks in the collaboration site in Teams.
  4. The person in charge/administrator can add and remove members in Självservice. 

Who is responsible and what does that mean?

All collaboration sites must have at least one responsible person who is employed at the university, preferably a supervisor or teacher for the course. You who are responsible must ensure that:

  • necessary collaboration sites are created
  • the right members are in the collaboration site, i.e. add and remove as needed
  • outdated collaboration sites are removed.

Customized collaboration site with limitations

The collaboration site is customized to handle sensitive personal data. This means that several security measures have been taken to ensure that the information in the site is not to be spread to unauthorized persons. This means that certain functionality is limited.

  • Login with MFA is required to access the surface.
  • It is not possible to work with files in the Word desktop app (the app that is installed on your computer), but only via the web.
  • It is not allowed and it is not possible to download or synchronize files located in the surface.
  • It is not allowed and it is not possible to share files with people outside the team.
  • It is not possible to rename files, documents and folders - so think carefully when you name your content.
  • Only those responsible for the surface can add and remove members.

Information for your students

  • Students must log in with multi-factor authentication, MFA, to access their collaborative sites. The student receives information about this via e-mail when the site is created.
    Instructions for activating MFA
  • Students are advised to use the collaboration site in Teams as it provides the most functionality in terms of managing files.
Elin Sköld