Support during applications to the EU (pre-award)

The process of applying for funding from the EU can vary greatly in terms of, for example, budget issues and involvement of the university's management. Please contact us at the Research Support Office well in advance of the deadline to find out what applies to your particular application.

We at the Research Support Office can help you with:

Feedback on your application

We have extensive experience of providing feedback on all parts of research applications, whether directed to a major or minor funder.

Do you want feedback?

  • Send your application to our shared mailbox:, and one of our research coordinators will get back to you.
  • Contact us for a personal meeting via
  • Sign up for our seminars and workshops.

    We offer specific courses on applying for as well as managing funding from various EU programmes, such as the European Research Council and Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. 

The Funding & Tenders Portal

We manage the official information about Umeå University in the Funding & Tenders portal. This is the EU's official website, where virtually all information about calls within the EU is published. In the portal you can search and apply for funding/tender opportunities, as well as manage your grants. 

To be able to submit a proposal, you will need:

  • A PIC number (Participant Identification Code)
    This is a unique identifier for Umeå University, which will be used as a reference by the European Commission in any interactions. By entering the PIC number, basic information about the university will be filled in automatically.
    Umeå University's PIC number is: 999881821.
  • An EU Login account
    This is your individual user account.
    Don't have one yet? Create an account

You may also need to enter:

  • LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative)
    A LEAR acts as the administrative liaison with the Commission. Appointed LEAR for Umeå University is Agneta H. Plamboeck, EU expert at the Research Support and Collaboration Office.
  • The Umeå University short name
    Our official short name is UmU.

Go to the Funding & Tenders Portal

Certificates and letters of support 

We organize the necessary certificates/letters of support, and arrange for the Vice-chancellor's signature.

Budget support

If your application requires a central letter of support/certificate/nomination, your budget must also be reviewed and approved by us at the Research Support Office. Therefore, it is vital that you contact us well in advance of the application deadline.

Otherwise, you will find the primary support for the budget process at your department or unit. Please contact your financial administrator if you have any questions or need help. He or she can then consult us at the Research Support Office if needed.


Your Head of Department must be notified and approve that your application is submitted by signing a Certificate from the Head of the Department (prefektintyg). This is important, since your department will be responsible for any co-financing and indirect costs. The Head of Department hereby also certifies that you, as head researcher, actually have the time and resources to complete the project.

Download the Certificate from the Head of the Department template 

Click here to access all documents and templates

Tips on useful tools

Research Professional
With the help of the online database Research Professional, you can search for calls that suit your research area and your interests. Here you will find thousands of funding opportunities from research funders around the world.

We at the Research Support Office offer brief introductions to Research Professional for interested departments and/or groups of researchers.

Go to Research Professional
The site is a guide for you who want to know more about the programs of the European Structural and Investment Funds affecting Sweden, and in which programs Swedish organizations, governments and companies can participate.

Go to

We will help you further

If you are successful and receive funding from the EU, we will be there to support you throughout the project.

We can also guide you on how to become an expert evaluator of project proposals to the EU. Reading and evaluating other people's applications is an effective way of becoming better at writing them yourself.

Quick guide: How to register your EU proposal

The Funding & Tenders Portal is the official website where stakeholders of the EU research and innovation programmes manage EU funding. To apply for funding, you need to go through the following steps.

Go to the Funding & Tenders Portal

Start by going to the Funding & Tenders Portal and registering your account.

Don't have an EU Login yet? Create an account for EU Login.

Search for calls

To find a specific call, click Search Funding & Tenders.

Select a programme

If you are interested in funding opportunities within say the framework programme, simply select Horizon 2020 in the drop-down menu to the left, and then choose Filter by programme (only for grants), to see open, closed and forthcoming calls.

Filter by area

It is now possible to filter by programme part, as for example the ERC, Information and Communication Technologies, or Societal Challenges.

Select a call

Click on the call you are interested in to get more information.

Read the description

Read the Topic description, as well as the Topic conditions and documents. This gives you an idea of ​​what the call means and requires of you as an applicant.

If you would like to find partners for your project ideas, a Partner Search function is also available for each call. This function allows you to:

  • look for organisations which have received funding in the past.
  • create and check partner search requests by call/topic.

Start submission

Simply click Start submission under Select your type of action to start submission.

Fill in the Umeå University specific information

It is Umeå University, and not you as an individual researcher, who is a party to EU projects. However, the Principal Investigator (PI) at UmU is in charge of the scientific and technical aspects of the project. For Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, this is not the fellow, but the researcher employed at Umeå University.

Use the templates available

For writing your proposal, use the templates available in the Funding & Tenders Portal for the specific call.

Please note that there are two types of deadline models available in Horizon 2020, i.e. single-stage or two-stage proposals. What applies for your specific topic is stated in the topic pages.

In two-stage submission schemes, at the first stage you only need to complete the parts indicated by a bracket (}) in the template. There is also a specific page limit, which is described in the template.

Submit your proposal

For calls with a specific deadline it is possible to submit your proposal several times before the call deadline, e.g. to make updates or changes. As long as the call has not been closed, the new submitted version will overwrite the previous one. For continuously open calls, only one submission is allowed.

Research Support and Collaboration Office

Shared mailbox

General support the EU

Agneta H. Plamboeck
EU expert
Phone: + 46 90-786 56 61
Mobile: + 46 73-083 00 76

General support the US

Anders Wennström
research coordinator
Phone: + 46 90-786 56 57
Mobile: + 46 70-272 01 47

Finance and accounting

Sandra Karlström
(on parental leave)
financial officer

Phone: + 46 90-786 66 17

Sussi Mikaelsson
budget advisor
Phone: + 46 90-786 79 29
Mobile: + 46 70-654 12 04

Lena Holmberg