Development programme for doctoral students

Umeå University offers a Development programme for doctoral students to improve conditions for a long and sustainable working life for doctoral students in a competitive academic community.

The programme aims to contribute to increased knowledge and self-awareness for doctoral students and supervisors in order to strengthen the ability to meet the requirements and tough situations that arise in their roles.

Doctoral students and their supervisors can participate

As a doctoral student at Umeå University, you can apply to the programme if you get approval from one of your supervisors who also participate in the programme with you.

Why should I take the development programme for doctoral students?

The programme

  • strengthens doctoral students in leading themselves and coping with demands for performance
  • supports the supervisors and clarifies their role in relation to the doctoral students
  • clarifies the supervisors' responsibilities for the doctoral students' work environment
  • provides the doctoral student and the supervisor with tools to handle tough situations that can arise in the doctoral education
  • Increases the doctoral students' abilities to handle the role, which lays the foundation for a continued academic career after completed doctoral education.

Programme set up

The programme is divided into two steps depending on how far into your doctoral education you have come.

Step 1: The doctoral student role and doctoral students' work environment is targeted at students who have not yet had their mid-seminar.

Step 2: From doctoral student to PhD is targeted to those who have had their mid-seminar.

All sessions are held in English.

How to apply to the programme

You apply to the programme (step 1 or step 2) by filling in and sending the application form. The application form is available via the link below and in the menu to the left.

Please remember that a supervisor that participates with you needs to be informed about the committment before your application.

After your application you will receive an email with information about if you have been admitted or if you need to apply again for a later round.

Application for the Development programme for doctoral students

Application dates

Step 1: 30 August, 2023

Step 2: 20 January, 2023


Application dates

Step 1: 30 August, 2023

Step 2: 20 January, 2023

Elizabet Westerlund