Documents and templates

Here you can find a selection of documents and templates that will facilitate your administrative work with research funding – primarily regarding EU grants, but also when it comes to national funding.

Below you can find the appropriate templates to use when applying for, documenting, and reporting research funding. For instance, Certificate from the Head of the Department (prefektintyg), time recording templates, folder registers, and templates for calculating hourly wage costs.

Please note that some templates are translated into English for guidance only, they still need to be filled in/completed in Swedish.

Should you notice that something is missing, kindly contact the financial advisors at the Research Support and Collaboration Office.


Certificate from the Head of the Department (Prefektintyg)

Certificate for researchers, conditions for participation (Forskarintyg)

Horizon Europe (HEU)

Information: Financial helpdesk

Reference documents

Budget template Horizon Europe (HEU), excl. ERC

Budget template ERC


Administration of projects:



Information: Financial helpdesk

Administration of FP7-projects:


EU - Structural Funds

Certificate from the Head of the Department (Prefektintyg)

Administration of projects:



Financial advisors

Sandra Karlström
(on parental leave)
post-contract advisor
Phone: +46 90-786 66 17

Sussi Mikaelsson
pre-contract advisor
Phone: +46 90-786 79 29
Mobile: + 46 70-654 12 04

Ahmad Ghasimi
financial officer
Phone: +46 90-786 71 65

Coordinator for ordering audit certificates

Information about ordering audits of EU projects.

Lena Holmberg