Transfer of credits

It can be possible for students who have studied courses at other universities in Sweden or at foreign institutions of higher learning to have credits transferred to education at Umeå University. Credits can also be transferred for professional experience or education other than university education in some cases.

The general conditions for credit transfer are governed by the Higher Education Ordinance. Any student who wishes to have their studies assessed must have been admitted to Umeå University and be carrying out university studies here.

How does Umeå University process credit transfer applications?

Students submit their applications to the Degree Evaluation Office at Student Services, which processes the applications and ultimately makes the decision on credit transfer for studies at first-cycle and second-cycle level. As part of the process, the relevant faculty/department (or equivalent) will make a subject assessment. You will find more details about the administration process through the menu in this page.

Whereto shall I refer students who have questions?

More information about credit transfer and the link to the application can be found on the student web. This information can be used to help answer questions from students.

Students who have questions about transfer of credits can turn to the study advisor (or equivalent) at the responsible department or contact Infocenter for general questions. A student who needs study guidance or help with planning his or her studies, for example to fullfill the requirements for a certain degree, should always turn to the study advisor.

Maria Rudberg