Hosting that benefits internationalisation

Umeå University wants positive hosting to contribute to cutting-edge education and research environments. By hosting in a way that benefits internationalisation, we can continue to recruit the researchers of the future. Umeå University must provide a tolerant environment where research is allowed to grow and make itself seen and heard. The non-hierarchical structure that permeates Umeå University must be promoted to create great openness between staff and students."

(From the Internationalisation policy)

If hosting at Umeå University is to benefit internationalisation, focus needs to lie on:

High-quality and accessible research infrastructure

A good research environment with positive hosting generates creative environments. Access to research infrastructure such as equipment, databases, knowledge banks and other resources are essential to be able to conduct the highest quality research.

Good research infrastructure creates a positive research environment and contributes to a stimulating and well-functioning workplace. Consequently, high-quality and accessible research infrastructure is essential from an internationalisation perspective.

Well-developed reception for international students and staff

Positive hosting for international students and staff is essential. For international students or staff, these new study or work environments, culture and society may be unfamiliar, therefore helping them to find their feet can make a difference.

There are several levels involved in welcoming international students to the University. In addition to the support available from the central organisation and faculties, international contacts at the departments play a critical role as regards information and support for international students throughout their time at the University. The Umeå University Buddy Programme brings national and international students together and is an important component in welcoming international students.

Umeå University has a high level of service when it comes to welcoming international staff. New staff are provided with an introduction programme, which is held partly online and is coordinated by the Human Resources Office.

New staff are supplied with important information and an introduction to the University, its values and work culture. This creates a good understanding of what is involved when working at a Swedish university and provides new staff with a positive start to their new work at Umeå University. The programme is complemented by a number of seminars and social events that aim to integrate new members of staff and introduce them to other new employees.

A Dual Career Programme is available for partners accompanying international staff.

A popular Housing Office is available to international students and visiting research fellows to help them find rental accommodation.

Current Umeå University students and staff are also important ambassadors for welcoming those new to the university. We call it the Umeå University spirit, which permeates the entire university with its positive community, generous collaborations where everyone can exchange their experiences, and a culture of openness and encouragement.

The Language policy for Umeå University

All international students and staff must be able to access important information. This is regulated in the Language policy for Umeå University. Steering documents of great fundamental importance for staff and students must be translated into English.

The Language policy for Umeå University contains more information about how the University works with university-wide language guidelines based on plain language, the role of Swedish at the University, parallel language, and linguistic diversity.

Facilitate recruitment of international staff

The Human Resources Office has support for managers and HR officers who will be welcoming a new member of staff to their department, office or equivalent. Information drives, networks and training are ways for the host department, office or equivalent to provide good service and support when recruiting and with onboarding.

Umeå University also works with trend analyses and stays up to date with legislation and regulations concerning international staff. Where necessary, work is carried out to influence these areas in order to facilitate recruitment of international staff.


These pages provide information for various target groups:

Welcome teachers and staff on exchange

For staff: Support for international staff

For scholarship holders (non-employees): Support for scholarship holders

Prospective employees: Work with us

Programme for accompanying partners: Dual Career Programme

Guidance for HR and managers: Administration related to international employees (Swedish only)

Team for internationalisation

Internationaliseringsforum on Teams is aimed at departmental and faculty international contacts. It is also suitable for members of staff working with internationalisation in other ways.

For support with work related to exchange studies, as well as student, teacher and staff mobility.


Every other week, the International Office sends out a newsletter focusing on international exchanges and other internationalisation topics. Contact to subscribe.

Petra Käck