AI and Education

As artificial intelligence evolves, its impact on the education sector grows. This development affects teaching, learning processes and examination. This resource suggestions on how you can relate to and use artificial intelligence in your teaching.

Umeå University's Stance on the Use of AI in Teaching and Examinations

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with ChatGPT as an example, has prompted extensive discussion within the education sector about how teaching, learning processes, and examinations are affected.

It's important to establish that current rules for Grades and Assessment, as well as the Procedure for Handling Disciplinary Matters, also cover the use of AI tools. It is essential that teachers are clear with instructions about which aids are permitted during tests and exams.

Behind this page

These recommendations and guidelines have been developed on behalf of the Strategic Counsil for Education by a specially appointed working group. The group consisted of educational leaders from all faculties, including LH, outstanding teachers, the Student Center, the University Librarian, the Legal Affairs Office, educational developers, and IT educators. The Director of Centre for Educational Development has been the convener for this work.

Before using AI

AI Services

Advice on what you must consider before using AI in your position at Umeå University from ITS and the Legal Affairs Office.

Ellen Säll