General Advice for Teachers

By using AI tools yourself, you can plan lessons, engage in conversations with students about their possibilities and limitations, and analyze generated content in relation to the course. This assists both you as a teacher and your students in understanding how AI functions and whether it is suitable for use in education.

Try it Yourself

Generative AI can be a valuable tool for you as a teacher in areas such as lesson planning, teaching implementation, and question formulation. By using AI yourself, you can gain a good understanding of the tool's advantages and disadvantages.

Talk About It

Engage in conversations with your students about the possibilities and limitations of generative AI, how it affects their learning, and what is allowed and what is not. Such discussions should be based on a shared approach to AI developed within the teaching team. For example, you can use ChatGPT to generate two different texts on the same topic. One text can be simplified, while the other contains a more detailed description.

Analyze the Content

Have the students compare the texts, individually or in groups, with a focus on understanding the AI-generated content in relation to the course's literature and material. This way, students can gain insight into how generative AI works and develop a deeper understanding of quality aspects and engage in discussions about source criticism related to the subject you are teaching.

Explain to the students in which contexts it is permissible to use AI in education, as it may not always be clear to them.

Ellen Säll