Admission and financing

Admission to doctoral education is regulated in the Higher Education Ordinance and the university's admission procedure.


To be admitted to doctoral studies, the applicant must have satisfied

  • the basic eligibility requirements
  • the specific eligibility requirements that may have been indicated in the general study plan for the research topic in question.

Admissions are governed by the Higher Education Ordinance and Umeå University's admission regulations. The admission regulations contain local rules for advertising doctoral positions, the application and the admissions procedure. They also detail the eligibility requirements and the selection procedure, as well as the rules for credit transfer and study financing.

Doctoral positions are advertised publicly, including under Open positions on Umeå University's website.


Doctoral studies are financed differently. At Umeå University, studies are funded primarily through doctoral studentship, and secondly with doctoral grants. In exceptional cases, a tax-free scholarship may be provided. Those with permanent employment other than doctoral studentship or doctoral grants as their form of funding and where research can be undertaken as part of their job can also be admitted to the studies.

More information can be found in the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education's handbook for postgraduate students and on the faculty web pages.

Each semester, every doctoral student must register their activity and financing. This is done through their own department, which then registers this in LADOK.

Here are the rules and regulations for doctoral education at Umeå university.

Ester Roos-Engstrand