Support for doctoral studies

The doctoral programmes give us tomorrow's successful researchers and creative shapers of society. About 900 doctoral students contribute to the university's research being innovative and meeting the challenges of society.

Education at postgraduate level means the equivalent of four years full-time studies (240 credits) to a doctoral degree, or two years full-time studies (120 credits) to a licentiate degree. The education is individual-based and focuses on both scientific and personal development. The training is regulated by both national laws and local regulations. At Umeå University, there are also several policy documents for employees that also include doctoral students.

Umeå University's quality system for education will contribute to achieve the goals of the education, and strengthens and develops the quality, by evaluating and following up different perspectives in the education.

The faculties are responsible for the quality, the organization of the education, study plans and supervision as well as the coordination of courses and training of supervisors. More detailed information is available on the faculties' websites and the faculties' handbooks.

The coordinator for doctoral affairs informs about rules, rights and obligations in various contexts. Doctoral students, but also other employees concerned to doctoral education, can talk privately with the coordinator about how to handle problematic situations, to a duty of confidentiality. It may also be relevant to mediate contacts within and outside the university.

Each doctoral student is sent a graduation survey shortly after the defense. The survey is an important part of the university's quality work and the results are discussed together with the faculties.

Ester Roos-Engstrand