Defence of thesis and spring graduation

The preparations for the public defence of a doctoral thesis include several different elements, the responsibility for which rests largely with the doctoral student. Each faculty has its own rules and procedures in addition to the university-wide rules.

Time of the defence of thesis

A time for the public defence of the doctoral thesis should be booked provisionally by the doctoral student at the faculty office. He or she also applies for a time and venue for the defence at the same time on a separate form. This form is sent by e-mail to the registrar. Once the request has been approved, a copy of the decision is sent to the doctoral student, the faculty office and the press officer. Another copy of the decision is used when the doctoral thesis is posted.

Doctoral thesis

Umeå University Library holds information about the rules that apply before the doctoral thesis is submitted for printing, electronic publishing and submission. It is important to be ready in good time, as there are often many people who want to submit their thesis to the library at the same time, usually at the end of each semester.

Contact Inhousebyrån to discuss the design and printing of the doctoral thesis.


At Umeå University, we have the tradition where the doctoral student posts the thesis at least three weeks before the public defence. From 2010, electronic posting is compulsory, while traditional posting is optional.

Contact the University Library at for more information about how to proceed.

More information on what needs to be done before submitting your doctoral thesis for printing can be found at the University Library: dissertations.

Templates for dissertations and spikning can be found under Service and Support, Templates with logo.

Press release

Prior to the public defence of the doctoral thesis, the doctoral student shall write a press release providing information about the research results and the public defence of the doctoral thesis. Press releases go through the faculty press officers. Read more about how to write a press release.

Public defence of doctoral thesis and grade

The chairperson, faculty examiner and examining committee are appointed by the Dean. Once the doctoral thesis has been approved, the examination report is sent to the registrar, who in turn sends a copy to UB and to Student Services/Degree Evaluation Office.

The doctoral student must also apply for their licentiate or doctoral degree through this link. He or she will sign in using their Umu-id and then click the "Degrees and certificates" tab.

Those who can not apply through the link can use an application form. If so, contact Infocenter to get an application form.

Spring graduation

The university invites those doctors who have been awarded a doctorate in recent years to the spring graduation. To be eligible to participate in the spring graduation, the doctor must have obtained their doctorate by May of that year. Read about Spring Graduation.


Ester Roos-Engstrand