Administration process

When a student applies for a credit transfer, this is received, processed and decided on by Student Services. The administration process involves obtaining the opinion of the relevant faculty, department or equivalent with regard to the content, scope and level of the subject in question. Here you will find a description of how the process works.

The student will receive a decision regarding credit transfer within 60 days of the date on which the university received a complete application along with the necessary documentation.


Who does/is responsible for this?

Time required



Applicant (student)


The application is sent to Student Services.

Registration of documents

Student Services

1-3 days

Officially recorded at Student Services.


Student Services

1-2 weeks

Student Services conducts an investigation.

Student Services requests any supplementary information from the student.

In most cases a subject assessment is required. Student Services then sends the case to the faculty, department or equivalent for their opinion.


Student Services

1-4 weeks

Student Services requests an opinion on

- course, element or subject

- level

- credits

If the opinion includes the rejection of the application, it must also contain reasons as to why.

If supplementary information is required before an opinion can be given, the faculty, department or equivalent contacts Student Services.

Once the opinion is ready, it is sent back to Student Services.


Student Services


1-2 weeks


The administrator at Student Services makes the formal decision.


- Delivery of the decision


Student Services


Included in the decision


The decision is sent to the applicant.

If the decision goes against the applicant, in whole or in part, he or she must also receive

  • a separate decision containing reasons for the rejection
  • a description of how he or she can make any appeal (appeal instructions).


- LADOK reporting


Student Services


Included in the decision


If the application is approved, Student Services registers the credits in LADOK.




Applicant (student)


Within three weeks after the applicant has received the decision


If the decision goes against the applicant, in whole or in part, he or she can appeal against the decision. The appeal must be submitted to the Swedish Higher Education Appeals Board (ÖNH) and sent by ordinary post to Umeå University. The university must have received the appeal within three weeks of the date on which the applicant received the decision.




Student Services


As soon as possible


In the event of an appeal, the university can either change its decision in favour of the applicant or uphold its previous decision.

In the event of a review, Student Services can request a new opinion from the relevant faculty, department or equivalent. This investigation must be carried out quickly.

If the university upholds its earlier decision, the matter will be forwarded, along with an opinion, to the ÖNH for assessment.

In-depth information

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