Support during applications to Swedish funders (pre-award)

You are welcome to contact us for support on research applications directed to any Swedish funder. However, we will prioritize applications to the governmental research funding agencies and the Wallenberg Foundations.

We at the Research Support Office can help you with:

Feedback on your application

We have extensive experience of providing feedback on all parts of research applications, whether directed to a major or minor funder.

Do you want feedback?

  • Send your application to our shared mailbox:, and one of our research coordinators will get back to you.
  • Contact us for a personal meeting via
  • Participate in our application workshop, or in our courses and workshops.

    During spring, the main focus of the application workshop is on providing feedback on an already formulated application. In the autumn, we mainly focus on helping you develop your research proposal idea. 

Handling the nomination process

Applications to some funders, for example to the Wallenberg Foundations, require an internal nomination process at the university. In those cases, the team at RSO will organize the necessary certificates, the letter of support, and the signature of the Vice-Chancellor.

However, what the internal nomination process entails may vary depending on the funder in question and the faculty to which you belong. Please contact your faculty for more information about internal deadlines, documents to submit, current assessment criteria, etc.

Budget support

The budget support regarding Swedish research funding agencies is available at the departments, so primarily contact your financial administrator.

However, if your application requires a central support letter/certificate/nomination, your budget must also be reviewed and approved by us at the Research Support Office. Therefore, it is vital that you contact us well in advance of the application deadline.


In some cases (this is stated in the call text), your Head of Department must be notified and approve that your application is submitted by signing a Certificate from the Head of the Department (prefektintyg). This is important, since your department will be responsible for any co-financing and indirect costs. The Head of Department hereby also certifies that you, as head researcher, actually have the time and resources to complete the project.

Download the Certificate from the Head of the Department template 

Click here to access all documents and templates

Tips on useful tools

Prisma is a joint application system for the Swedish Research Council, Forte, Formas, Karolinska Institutet, the Swedish Institute for Educational Research, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and the Swedish National Space Agency. This means that you can manage applications to any of these funding bodies via one single account.

Go to Prisma

Research Professional
With the help of the online database Research Professional, you can search for calls that suit your research area and your interests. Here you will find thousands of funding opportunities from funders around the world.

We at the Research Support Office offer brief introductions to Research Professional for interested departments and/or groups of researchers.

Go to Research Professional

Contact the research support office

Shared mailbox

General support

Agneta H. Plamboeck
Head of unit & EU expert
Phone: +46 90 786 56 61
Mobile: +46 73 083 00 76

Financial advisors

Sofia Granberg
Phone: +46 90 786 97 60

Maria Königsson
Phone: +46 90 786 89 42

Courses and workshops

Do you need help with your research plan, your abstract, budget calculations or audits? We offer various seminars and workshops for researchers and financial administrators at Umeå University.

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