Sweden-Korea Education, Research and Innovation Collaboration

Education, research and innovation – the collaboration project with South Korea spans over many areas and aims for deepened relationships and collaborations. The project is a collaboration between Umeå University, KTH, Lund University and the Swedish Embassy in Seoul, supported by the Swedish Institute and the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

Since 2013, Umeå University has collaborated with the Swedish Embassy in Seoul to recruit students from South Korea. The collaboration was expanded 2020 to also include research. In 2022, researchers met on-site in South Korea for the first time when Umeå University visited Seoul in November with a delegation of eleven people.

The education part of the project is about raising awareness of Sweden as a nation of knowledge where the goal is to increase the number of students from this region to the universities. The project also includes collaboration with businesses for student internships, making Swedish research more visible and developing a strong alumni network.

The research part of the project is about creating a platform for researchers from both countries to collaborate within. Through different types of meeting forms such as round table discussions, innovation meetings – research to business, a large smorgasbord is laid out for collaborations. In addition, a Nobel Memorial Program is held annually, where researchers from both Sweden and South Korea comment on the new Nobel Prize recipients.

Sweden and South Korea have many things in common. Both are dynamic countries that invest in research and innovation. Research and research collaborations are an important way to tackling the global challenges together.


2022-11-02: Researchers meet in South Korea

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2021-10-27: Nobel program with Swedish and Korean researchers

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Petra Käck (student recruitment)
International Office

Helena Gradin (research collaboration)
International Office

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