Research data management

When planning your research project, you should also plan how to collect, store and process your research data during the project, as well as how to make your research data accessible after the end of the project.

Research data is digital information collected in order to be analysed for scientific purposes. For instance, statistics, questionnaire results and results from experiments and surveys. Digital information on physical objects, such as archaeological collections or works of art, for instance, are also considered research data. The university's policy for the processing of research data describes responsibilities and provides guidance on how to process and store research data.

Policy for research data management

University Library resources on research data

Data management plan

A data management plan is a document describing how research data is to be collected, stored, processed, documented, used and made accessible during and after a research project. In many cases, funding bodies require a project to have a data management plan. The data management plan is an active document that can be updated continuously during the project.

Template for data management plans

To make it easier to write data management plans that meet the set requirements, you can use the tool DMPonline. It contains both an online version of Umeå University's template for data management plans and a question-based variant that makes it possible to choose ready-made answers, instead of writing free text yourself. In addition, you can invite your colleagues to work on the data management plan with you.

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The University Library has a research data team. This team can answer questions about or read and provide feedback on your data management plan.

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IT services

There is a number of IT services available to researchers at Umeå University to help collect, store, analyse and archive research data. The university IT office, ITS, is responsible for the institution-wide IT services at the university and can also develop new services together with you.

IT and online services

Research data guidance and training

The library research data team is available for guidance and skills development in research data management. They can assist in setting up a data management plan.

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