Useful tools

There are several useful systems that can help you in your work. For example, when it comes to getting a better overview of your research field, finding current calls and potential funders.

Funding & Tenders Portal – find, apply for and manage EU funds

The Funding & Tenders Portal is the EU's official website. This is where you find information about current and forthcoming EU calls, apply for funding, and also manage your approved grants. 

To be able to submit a proposal via the Funding & Tenders Portal, you need:

  • A PIC Code (Participant Identification Code)
    This is a unique identification code for Umeå University, which means that basic information about the university is filled in automatically.
    Our PIC code is: 999881821.
  • An EU Login account, which is your individual user account.
    Don't have one yet? Create an account

When preparing your application, you may also need to specify:

  • LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative)
    A LEAR acts as the administrative liaison with the European Commission. The designated LEAR for Umeå University is Agneta H. Plamboeck, EU expert at the Research Support and Collaboration Office.
  • The short name UMU
    Umeå University's official short name is UMU.

Go to the Funding & Tenders Portal

ORCID – your unique international researcher ID

ORCID, Open Researcher and Contributor ID, is an international registry that connects publications, projects, and other research information to the correct researchers.

Your ORCID consists of 16 digits, XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, and follows you throughout your career, regardless of name changes or workplace transitions. It functions similar to an international personal identification number.

As an individual researcher, you can benefit from having an ORCID in your interactions with funders and journals, especially since this registry ID is used in the publication database Diva, among others.

Would you like to link your Umu-id with ORCID?

By linking your ORCID with your Umu-id, a link to your ORCID will be displayed on your personal page on

If you do not have an ORCID, you can create one via

Then, link your ORCID to your Umu-id through My Settings on

Do you have any questions regarding the management of ORCID at Umeå University?

Please contact Servicedesk.

Prisma – manage applications to Formas, Forte and the Swedish Research Council et al.

Prisma is a joint application and case management system for Formas, Forte, Karolinska Institutet, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Institute for Educational Research, the Swedish National Space Agency, and the Swedish Research Council. Here, you as a researcher can both apply for grants and manage your granted funds. It is also via Prisma that you, as the financial administrator, administer awarded grants from the above-mentioned funding agencies.

Don't have a personal account in Prisma yet? Se guide for setup at the bottom of this page.

Prisma is responsible for all technical support. At their website, you can also find information on, e.g., how to register an application, invite participating researchers or carry out your review tasks.
Go to Prisma

The contact person for Prisma at Umeå University is Agneta Plamboeck, organizational account manager.

Research Professional – find and monitor calls from around the world

All employees at Umeå University have free access to the online database Research Professional. It contains research funding opportunities from thousands of funders around the world, and is continuously updated.

Open access on campus
When you are on campus, you do not need a login to search the database. However, as a registered user, you can use the tool more efficiently. When logged in it is possible, among other things, to save your searches and be informed via e-mail when new calls appear within your research area or from specific funders.

If you work outside the campus, you must log in to access the database. You can create a personal account either with your Umu ID or with the help of a username and password.

Getting started

Do you want to know more?
We at the Research Support Office offer short seminars on Research Professional for interested departments or research groups.
In addition to this, there are online courses and information on the database home page. Research Professional also organizes free webinars that can be tailored for a specific group.

Go to Research Professional

SciVal – find publication records, citations and collaborations

Umeå University offers all employees access to Elsevier's bibliometric analysis tool SciVal. The tool is based on the publication database Scopus, which contains published research data from over 19,000 research institutions in 231 countries worldwide.

SciVal allows you to visualize your research performance, benchmark relative to peers, find potential collaborations, identify and analyze research trends, and create tailored reports.

Do you want to know more?
Please turn to the University Library. They can help you get started with SciVal by showing you the basics of the tool.

Go to SciVal

Download SciVal's Research Metrics Guidebook

Guide: Get started with Prisma

If you do not have a personal account in Prisma, we encourage you to create one well in advance before your application is due. This is especially important as some calls require you to input both your CV and your publications in the system, which can take a while. 

The good news is that once you have entered your personal information, CV, and publications, they will be saved in the system for future applications.

Please note that all co-applicants must create their own Prisma accounts.

Create a personal account in Prisma

Go to Prisma and select "Create personal account with SWAMID". You will then create an account that is linked to your Umu-id at Umeå University, and can use the same login credentials. 

Remember to use your official UmU email address,

Activate your account

To activate your account, please follow the instructions you receive in the activation e-mail from Prisma.

Notify the organisational account manager

Once your account is activated, you should notify Agneta Plamboeck, the organisational account manager at Umeå University. Then, you will receive an invitation to join the UmU section of Prisma, which you must confirm for everything to work properly.

Contact us

Do you have questions or need help? Contact the Research Support Office:

Lena Holmberg