South Africa - Sweden University Forum

South Africa - Sweden University Form, SASUF, is a collaborative STINT project between universities, organisations and authorities in Sweden and South Africa.



SASUF 2030 is a transformative project uniting 40 universities from across Sweden and South Africa. Bringing together leading researchers, teachers, students, university leaders and other stakeholders, the project will develop joint solutions to the challenges posed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030.

Umeå University participates together with 39 other universities in both Sweden and South Africa. The project is financed by STINT, National Research Foundation and the participating universities.

You can read more about SASUF 2030 on the project's website.

How can you get involved in SASUF 2030?

Doctoral student, teacher, researcher

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Students are welcome in all SASUF's activities. The SASUF student network also organizes its own activities that connect the two countries.
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SASUF research and innovation week 27-31 March 2023

In November 2022 the university announced a limited number of places and travel grants for researchers' participation in SASUF's upcoming research and innovation week, which will take place in South Africa 27 – 31 March 2023. Researchers at all levels were welcome to apply, from doctoral students to professors. Deadline was 19 December. 9 researchers from different fields were granted to be part of the delegation from Umeå University to the Research & Innovation Week. The delegation also includes the Vice-Chancellor, a student representative, local SASUF coordinator and the Head of the International Office. 

All participants will contribute to the program with either participation in a seminar or a workshop with partners in South Africa, or in the poster exhibition.

Upcoming activities within SASUF 2030

27-31 March: Research & Innovation Week in South Africa
6 April: SASUF student network coffee break. Theme: Innovation


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Participate in SASUF Goes Digital - A virtual conference focused on South Africa
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Invitation to breakfast meeting 17 June - learn more about SASUF and other international collaboration projects
News 2022-05-13:
Invitation to call for workshops/sessions at SASUF Goes Digital


Coordinator: Jessica Bergström Grahn

Academic contact: Ingrid Svensson

Umeå universitets reference group for SASUF 2030:
Ingrid Svensson (International Office), Masoud Vaezghasemi (Epidemiology and Global Health), Martin Berglund (Computing Science), Peter Lexelius (Faculty of Humanities), Patrik Rydén (Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics), Annika Manni (Applied Educational Science), James Brown (School of Architecture), Jonas Rosenqvist (Research Support and Collaboration Office), Alba Puigefabregas Sies (student representative).