Career development and support

The university provides an infrastructure for researcher career support during the entire research process.

Academic skills and development

To succeed in your academic career, there are a few skills you need to master. Writing, teaching, applying for grants, planning, managing, publishing are some of them.

  •  Support for development in teaching

There are a wide range of courses, workshops and seminars for professional development in higher education. They can give you an opportunity to continuously develop your pedagogical skills.

The Centre for Educational Development (UPL) contributes by offering professional pedagogical support to teachers, departments, offices and faculties. Read more

  • Support when writing and publishing

If needed, the University Library can provide support and services during the entire research process, with tasks such as:

  • Scholarly publishing and dissemination
  • Open access and open science
  • Information search tasks
  • Reference management programs
  • Academic writing

Online career support tools


Euraxess supports you through the process, whether it is concerns engaging with academia, industry or entrepreneurship, with the help of its career development centres, policy recommendations and training resources. Read more

Career support

Support to develop in your current position, plan your career, apply for a job or promotion.

Research and leadership programme

ReaL – Research and Leadership programme – is a competence and career programme for research leaders supporting researchers' skills and career development. Read more

Development programme for doctoral students

All doctoral students and their supervisors are invited to participate in a development programme aimed at creating a good foundation for a long and sustainable work life focusing on strengthening the doctoral student in coping with the demands of the education using useful tools and clarifying the supervisors' responsibilities towards the student. Both parties participate in the programme with content specifically aimed at the level of development the doctoral student is at.
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Research support

Support for collaborations with external parties and the utilization of research results. The Research Support and Collaboration Office is the university's central support for collaboration and research funding. As a researcher or administrator, you can get help during all stages of the grant application process both prior to and during the application process. Read more

Company and organisational interaction

If you are planning to build your own business, pursue a career in trade and industry or want to expand your collaborative networks, there are several options and ways we can support you.

The Research Support and Collaboration Office is a central support for collaboration and research funding. Contact us if you need support in increasing the quality of your research and education, in finding the right collaboration model, or in applying for research funding.

Industrial Doctoral School

Doctoral students at Umeå University can be eligible to join the Industrial Doctoral School in which researchers collaborate with companies or public organisations to solve problems with resulting benefits to society and the individual career.
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How to become an entrepreneur

  • Innovation Office North

As an employee of Umeå University, you can get free innovation advice from Innovation Office North. Together, we evaluate the potential of your ideas and take them further.

  • Uminova Innovation

Uminova Innovation supports entrepreneurs at all stages, from that first seed of an idea, the building of a business, and then scaling up and entering the international market.

Find out more about Innovation Office North and Uminova Innovation


Support to stimulate international exchange and increase mobility between higher education institutions, language courses and the on-boarding of foreign researchers.

Teacher and staff exchange

Visiting a university abroad is a great way to get new ideas and develop professionally. The exchange programmes Erasmus+ and Nordplus offer scholarships for teacher and staff exchange.

Through the Erasmus programme, you can apply for funding to visit a partner university, companies or organisations, for example, as well as language courses or courses related to your job.

Erasmus+ for teachers

As a teacher at Umeå University, you have the opportunity to teach for a period at another European university. A teacher exchange can contribute to developing your teaching skills, strengthen your contacts and initiate collaboration projects.

Nordplus for teachers

As a teacher at Umeå University, you can apply for a teacher exchange through Nordplus to teach at a university in a Nordic or Baltic country.

Teaching Sabbatical

STINT's Teaching Sabbatical programme gives researchers and lecturers, who are passionate about education, international experiences relevant to their teaching role. STINT cooperates with universities and colleges in USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

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Support with building networks and professional contacts.

The Research Support Office can widen your career possibilities by giving you first-hand tips on how to successfully build an international network. Read more

Seminar Series for Pedagogical Leaders

SPA – the Seminar Series for Pedagogical Leaders – is a place to generate collegial networks, exchange experiences and initiate discussions on pedagogical development. The event takes place at lunchtime and is held in Swedish.
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The seminar series aims to support and develop doctoral supervisors in their professional role as supervisors. The seminars are a forum in which doctoral supervisors from different faculties and departments can meet, make contacts, learn from one another's expertise and make up an informal and supportive collegial network.
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Networks for Post Docs and early stage researchers

  • Umeå Postdoc Society (UPS)

Faculty of Science and Technology (in collaboration with Faculty of Medicin)
Founded in 2020, the Umea Postdoc Society (UPS) aims to shape the research environment for Postdocs at Umea University by connecting postdoctoral researchers across departments and disciplines.

The goal is to improve the career prospects and working conditions of Postdocs by organising networking and career development events, assisting newcomers during their start at Umea University, bringing together Postdocs through social activities and representing them within relevant University bodies. Read more

  • Future Faculty at Faculty of Medicine

The aim of Future Faculty is to advance the conditions for young and future researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and to promote the development of a good career system within the Faculty of Medicine and Umeå University. Future Faculty represents non-tenured researchers with a PhD in relevant University bodies.
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  • Future Faculty at Social Science, Arts and Humanities

Future Faculty at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is a network of early-career researchers to promote the interests of and to support aspiring faculty members.

The main target group are early-career researchers without tenure positions, such as post docs or research assistants, but the network is open to and welcomes researchers at all early careers levels who want to improve the working conditions and career development for early-career researchers. Read more


Mentoring a less-experienced researcher is a professional responsibility of all scientists. Mentoring responsibilities can include sharing knowledge and skills, overseeing work, helping to make contact with other researchers and assisting with career counselling. In return, the young researcher can provide a fresh perspective for the mentor, and take a proactive role in learning, developing and landing a job.

Talk to your head of department of faculty office for more information about your mentorship possibilities.





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