Links to Swedish research funding bodies

In Sweden, research is funded through various government agencies, public foundations and private funders. Here you will find brief information about a selection of the larger ones, with links to their websites.

By visiting the financiers' own websites, you will always find updated information about current calls, deadlines and requirements for applying.

Governmental research funding bodies


Formas is a government research council dedicated to sustainable development. In this capacity, Formas allocates funding for research and innovation across three key areas: environment, agricultural sciences, and spatial planning.

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Forte is a governmental agency operating under the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. In this capacity, Forte provides funding for scientific research in the fields of human health, working life, and welfare. The council places significance on ensuring that the research conducted is beneficial to society.

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The Swedish Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency supports research focused on the supply, conversion, distribution, and utilisation of energy. Additionally, assistance is extended to the development of new technologies.

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The Swedish Research Council (VR)

The Swedish Research Council is the largest governmental research funding body in Sweden, providing financial support for research and research infrastructure across all scientific fields.

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Vinnova is a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, serving as the national contact authority for the EU framework programme for research and innovation. Its primary focus is on funding needs-driven research in the areas of technology, transport, communication, and working life.

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Research foundations

The Erling-Persson Family Foundation

The foundation supports scientific research, mainly projects within medicine and healthcare. Other focus areas are teaching and education, as well as the development of children and young people.

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The Kempe Foundations

The Kempe Foundations aim at promoting the development of Northern Sweden. Their grants are dedicated to people affiliated with institutions that conduct research or education within the counties of Norrbotten, Västerbotten or Västernorrland.

Please note that all applications must be approved by the head of the department, or equivalent.

Go to the Kempe Foundations (website in Swedish)

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)

The academy supports research and education within most scientific fields in the form of scholarships, grants, scientific exchanges, research fellow positions, and professors' grants. 

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Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ)

The foundation promotes research in the humanities and social sciences.

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The Royal Skyttean Society

The task of the society is to support and highlight the cultural and scientific development in Norrland.

Go to the Royal Skyttean Society (Swedish website)

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT)

STINT promotes knowledge and competence development within internationalisation. The foundation invests in internationalisation projects proposed by researchers, teachers and management at Swedish universities.


The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra)

Mistra invests in research aimed at solving key environmental problems and to strengthen Sweden's future competitiveness. The goal is to bring about a good living environment and a sustainable development of society. 

Mistra's research programmes are conducted in a close dialogue with companies, public agencies and other users, to ensure that research findings are put to practical use.

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Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

The foundation supports research in science, engineering and medicine.

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The Wallenberg Foundations

The Wallenberg Foundations is the collective name for the foundations either formed by the Wallenberg family, or established in memory of family members. The Foundations grant funding to excellent researchers and research projects, as well as to education, considered beneficial to Sweden. 

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