Education miscellaneous

On this page, you will find information about Umeå University’s system for educational qualification, the recognised and distinguished university teachers at the faculty so far, award-winning teaching professionals, information about Lärardagen (Teacher Day) and other information related to education.

Regulations, guidelines and procedures drawn up by the Faculty of Social Sciences can be found here: Regulations, guidelines and procedures at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

On the page Quality system for education, you can read more on how quality is an integral part of our organisation.

University-wide regulations

Publishing courses and programmes takes place in the Selma database for educations. Programme syllabi for study programmes and programme instances are managed by the Faculty Office, whereas course syllabi at the Faculty of Social Sciences are managed by the departments.

The Vice-Chancellor has adopted a university-wide regulation regarding dates for the academic year and certain other dates.

• Regulation for specific dates during the academic year (In Swedish)

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