Licentiate seminar

The licentiate course is either a stage or a main goal in postgraduate studies and is at least 120 ECTS. A licentiate degree requires all doctoral courses to be passed and an approved scientific thesis of at least 60 ECTS. The normal study period for a licentiate degree is two years of full-time studies.

Licentiate thesis and seminar

A licentiate thesis shall demonstrate that the student can present methodology and results in a logical and scientifically convincing way. The requirement of independence does not exclude licentiate work being part of a larger research project.
A licentiate thesis must have an ISBN. Order ISBN through the university library form. You can do this already when the titel of the thesis has been decided.

The faculty board at the Faculty of Science and Technology has decided that the following rules shall apply for a licentiate seminar:

  • The licentiate course shall be completed with a public seminar at which the student presents the licentiate thesis.
  • The licentiate student requests a time and place for the licentiate seminar on a standard university form, which is sent to the journal. It is important that the title of the thesis is stated both in Swedish and English.
  • The faculty office will receive this from the journal and will then confirm the date of the licentiate seminar and that the decision has been taken.
  • The time and place of the seminar must be posted no later than one week in advance.
  • The names of the proposed examiner, chair and examining committee, the title and the background are submitted to
  • the final examiner for approval by signing the proposal. The signed proposal is then sent to the faculty office.
  • When the proposal is approved and the dean has signed it, the office informs the licentiate student, the supervisor, the final examiners, the administrator, UB, DiVA and the registrar that the dean has made a decision on the licentiate seminar.
  • The supervisor(s) have the right to attend the examining committee's meeting and participate in the deliberations, but not in the decisions.
  • Minutes shall be taken at the examining committee's meeting showing the author's name, the title of the licentiate thesis and the names, titles, departments and faculties of the members present.
  • The grade awarded shall be either pass or fail.
  • At least two of the members of the examining committee are selected from another department than the one to which the student belongs.
  • All the members of the examining committee hold a PhD.
  • E-publication of licentiate theses in DiVA is recommended and is free. UB wishes to receive a copy of the printed version of the licentiate thesis for its catalogue activities.

Notice of the licentiate seminar with the title and a summary of the licentiate thesis shall be sent to the relevant departments in the country.

The principal supervisor and the department administrator are jointly responsible for the grade record being produced and for it being sent, after the examining committee's meeting, to the Registrar, Umeå University no later than one week after the licentiate seminar. It is then the responsibility of the licentiate student to apply for a degree certificate.

Degree certificate

The form "Request for degree certificate" is submitted by the licentiate student to the Degree Certificate Unit at Umeå University.
A copy of the degree certificate is sent to the personnel secretary at the faculty office for a review of salary adjustment.
Note that the licentiate degree is valid from the date indicated
on the degree certificate, not from the date of the licentiate seminar.

Instructions and application for degree

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