Work environment

If you have questions or comments regarding the work environment, talk with your supervisor or the work environment representative at your workplace.

HAMO, head work environment representative

2020-03-01 till 2023-02-28
Stefan Fleig, telephone 090-786 59 98
Linda Johansson, telephone 090-786 67 11
Anita Pettersson-Strömbäck, telephone 090-786 88 34

HSAMO, head student work environment representative

Medical student organisation HSAMO:

AMO – Work environment representative

A work environment representative represent you as employee regarding work environment issues.

If you have questions regarding the work environment, you can address the work environment representative within your workplace with such issues. On this page in Swedish you find an excel-file (also in Swedish) with a list of the work environment representatives at Umeå University.

Work environment

The work environment work should be systematic. This means, in practice, a continuous investigation of the work environment to assess possible risks. Most rules and regulations are not available in English. On this page many regulations are available in Swedish. Some regulations for the work environment are available in English at the Work Health Authority website.

Under the menu work environment at Aurora, there is information regarding for example:
• Work injuries and incidents
• Glasses for work
• First aid and Defibrilators

Safety in laboratories

There are often risks with work and activities in a laboratory. General rules regarding work i laboratories can you find here.

In the area Security there are information regarding:
• inflammable goods
• pregnant and nursing women
• handling and using chemicals and chemical products
• medical checks and registration
• labeling of chemical containers
• risk assessment of laboratory work
• protective equipment for laboratory work
• hazardous waste and goods
• radiation protection



Physical and chemical work environment, Medical faculty

Olle Nygren
090-7865483 / 070-6636706

Radiation expert at Umeå University

Pia Grahn
072-08 48 714

Lena Åminne