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Student unions in Umeå

The Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology, NTK, is the student union for everyone studying engineering, science, architecture or design at Umeå University.

NTK aims to make your time as a doctoral student as good as possible, by supporting you in educational, social and career matters.

• Educational matters include support in disputes with your department or supervisor, the possibility to apply for scholarships, and administration of a pedagogical prize for which you can nominate other teachers – or win yourself.
• Social matters include working for sufficient and affordable housing for all doctoral students, and organising social activities and events.
• Career matters include support after your studies, whether your choice is to stay in the academic world or go on to other fields following your degree.

The PhD branch of NTK represents your interests as a doctoral student.
PhD branch of NTK
E-mail to PhD administrator of NTK

To read more and become a member of NTK, please visit the homepage:

Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology

Student unions in Sweden

The Swedish National Union of Students, SFS, organises student unions at universities and places of higher education throughout Sweden.

SFS's main task is to represent and promote the members' interests in education, research and student welfare issues at the national level. Through its participation in the European Students' Union (ESU) SFS also represents its members and Swedish students in the international arena.


The SULF:s Association of Doctoral Candidates (SDF) is the PhD section of SULF, a politically and religiously independent union.

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