Sustainable development

The Higher Education Act, Chapter 5 states that higher education institutions must promote sustainable development in their organisation. And the importance of climate issues and sustainable development through the 2030 Agenda is clear from the university’s vision.

Sustainability work at departments and units

In some areas departments and units have more leverage to achieve a sustainable campus. 

Sustainability training for staff

A training adapted for use during workplace meetings. The overall aim is that staff members and managers should feel empowered to act and commit to the transition. 

Education for sustainable development

Here you will find support on how to integrate ESD in education.The information is applicable for all disciplines.

Strategic environmental sustainability work

The sustainability work is governed by 13 target goals, environmental policy, the Environmental Code and Agenda 2030.

Climate and sustainability in Umeå University

Read more about the overall sustainability work at Umeå University. 

Waste disposal

As an employee at Umeå University, you are responsible for sorting and disposing of your waste correctly.

Frida Fjellström