Call: Additional costs for sabbatical

A professor who plans to stay abroad at another university or research institute can apply for support from the faculty for additional costs.

To promote and increase internationalization at the Faculty of Science and Technology a sabbatical program for employed professors has been established.

The sabbatical is normally between three weeks and six months long. The application should be submitted to the faculty in due time before the visit abroad. Approved funds can be requested from the faculty after the visit.

Content of the application:

• A brief description of the purpose of the stay (max one page).
• A letter of support from the head of department.
• A letter of invitation from the host university.
• A curriculum vitae.
• A budget covering all additional costs in the application.

Send the application to:

Robert Johansson, Faculty office


Robert Johansson,
Faculty Coordinator
Phone: 090-786 93 65
Mobil: 076-352 55 54

Eric Ågren