All doctoral students are entitled to at least 100 hours of supervision per year of full-time study, as decided by the vice-chancellor.

The principal supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the research conducted by the doctoral student complies with the applicable ethical guidelines and that there is a functioning time schedule and funding plan for the thesis project.

The principal supervisor shall:

  • together with the doctoral student, draw up an individual study plan and consult a reference person
  • together with the examiner, create the conditions for the doctoral student to achieve the individual objectives set out in the study plan and the national qualitative targets
  • create the conditions for adequate resources for the thesis project
  • ensure that the doctoral student can participate in doctoral courses, seminars and conferences
  • ensure that the doctoral student receives supervision for at least 100 hours per year
  • ensure that the thesis work progresses so that the work is completed within the stipulated time
  • ensure that the thesis meets the requirements that can be placed on an academic thesis in terms of both quality and scope
  • together with the head of department, propose faculty opponents and members of the grading committee

Training for supervisors

To be appointed as a principal supervisor you must have completed the Centre for Educational Development's (UPL) course "Postgraduate Supervision in Practice" or equivalent. Further training is then required through a half-day course for research supervisors. (The Faculty Board 2020-05-12)

Postgraduate supervision in practice UPL

The Faculty´s half-day course for supervisors spring term 2024: 13 March and 8 May. Application to 

Lena Åminne