Educational administration

Information and guidelines for follow-ups and administrational routines for those working as educational administrators or directors of studies.

The vice-chancellor has decided on cohesive rules for academic year times. In the documents below you can find times for student sporting days and similar activities.

Regulations for education on first and second cycle level

Rules for term times 2014/15–2025/26 (in Swedish)

Forms – first-cycle study programmes

Application for interruption of studies


Change or create new courses

All courses are published in the educational database Selma. The faculty has delegated decisions on course syllabuses to the faculty programme director.

Faculty guidelines for course syllabuses (in Swedish)

Course dates

Registration of course dates in Selma is done at the institution level.

Course evaluation/course reports

Log into the course report system

Programmes and qualification descriptor

Unlike setting up a new course, the creation or revision of a programme is a much more complex process. Therefore, in order to set up or revise a program, good foresight is required. For example, programmes need to be established by the vice-chancellor over a year before the programme is to be given, so that course and programme syllabuses are handled correctly in the decision-making process.

Guidelines for creating new programmes or revision of existing programmes (in Swedish)

Programmes are registered in Selma and revised by the dean's office.
Any changes in qualification descriptors require a decision by the vice-chancellor.

Anna-Lena Lindskog