Council for Research Infrastructure at Umeå University (RIS)

The council supports University management and FOSTRA in their strategic work with research infrastructure and serves as an arena for knowledge exchange.

The Council for Research Infrastructure at Umeå University is responsible for supporting, coordinating and communication all university-wide activities regarding infrastructure at Umeå University. 

This includes

  • proposing strategic direction for research infrastructures at Umeå University to FOSTRA;
  • developing proposals for the university-wide strategy for research infrastructure at Umeå University for decision by the Vice-Chancellor;
  • compiling and regularly updating a directory of research infrastructure at Umeå University;
  • planning, coordinating and communicating the Swedish Research Council's funding process for research infrastructure of national interest at Umeå University;
  • proposing revisions of the policy document "Rules for research infrastructures at Umeå University" as needed;
  • university-wide coordination of activities regarding infrastructure; and
  • advising on internal and external communication relating to research infrastructure at Umeå University.

The council reports to FOSTRA, and its four members (one from each faculty) are responsible for communicating the council's suggestions and activities to their faculties.


You can learn more about the university's work with research infrastructure here.

If you have any questions regarding research infrastructure at Umeå university, please contact the your faculty's council member or the council's administrator. 

Contact details ris

Insa Wemheuer
📞090-786 99 70 / directly on Microsoft Teams

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Philip Buckland

Faculty of Medicine
Richard Lundmark

Faculty of Social Sciences
Elisabeth Engberg

Faculty of Science and Technology
Johan Olofsson


Pro-vice-chancellor Katrine Riklund

Insa Wemheuer