Faculty of Medicine

At the Faculty of Medicine are conducted education and research in the fields of medicine, odontology and health care. The Faculty has 13 departments and about 5 800 undergraduate, 550 postgraduate students and about 1 150 employees of which about half are teachers/researchers.


  • July 2022
    • 18

      Monday 18 July


      For science and technology geeks of all ages: Curiosum is open all summer with exciting experiments, movies and other fun activities!

  • August 2022
    • 29

      Monday 29 August


      Functional Brain Imaging of Sensorimotor Dysfunction and Restoration.

    • 31

      Wednesday 31 August


      An unorthodox non-conference (cit. Lewis Carroll), which is participants-driven and where all participants can be speakers.

    • 31

      Wednesday 31 August


      Umeå Center of Health Science invites you to lecture on gerontology and ageing research with Susanne Iwarsson, professor, Lund University.

Lena Åminne