Do you need help writing a press release? Does information on the web need to be updated? Do you want to discuss student recruitment?

The dean's office has two communications officers. We are here to help you reach out with news about the faculty's education and research. Don't hesitate to contact us!

We are responsible for the faculty homepage, where you can find press releases, articles and information about our activities. We are also responsible for the faculty's information to employees on Aurora, where you can find for example information about members of boards and committees, announcements, rules and guidelines, forms and information material.

We are also responsible for the information about the faculty's education programmes.

We take care of the faculty's presence in social media, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. We also work with popular science events, for example Vetenskapslunch and Kunskapsveckan.

When researchers and doctoral students publish results or are approaching dissertation we would like to know about it. Then we are happy to help with a press release, so that the news reaches a wider audience.

You can find out more in the faculty's communication plan:

Faculty communication plan 2023 (in Swedish)

The faculty's work with internationalization is coordinated by Konrad Abramowicz. At Umeå University you can study up to, or one year at one of our hundreds of partner universities around the world. Most universities are in Europe, but we have partners in all corners of the globe.

Being an exchange student entails that you study a limited part of your course at a partner university in another country and then you are credited for your studies in your degree from Umeå. In order to qualify as an exchange student at one of our partner universities you must naturally be a student at our University.

Employees at Umeå University can participate in exchange programmes for University personnel. Further information related to this will be posted soon.

Contact information

Konrad Abramowicz

Phone: +4690 786 79 01

Anna-Lena Lindskog

Phone: +46 90 786 58 78
Mobile Phone: +46 70 642 29 56

Erik Ågren

Phone: +46 90 786 99 97