Programme Councils

The Programme Councils are responsible for one or several education programs each, and all have the following tasks according to the delegation order:

  • Preparing budget proposals for the program/programs,
  • Being responsible for follow-up, evaluation, and other quality work within the programs,
  • Submitting proposals for revision of the content of the program/programs,
  • Participating in the recruitment of students,
  • Establishing course plans for each program and for separate courses within each program's area of responsibility (Hf 6:14 – 15),
  • Granting exceptions from the academic year division established by the rector in exceptional cases, when the education requires a different placement of the academic year and if the deviation is less than five days,
  • Deciding on pedagogical and organizational coordination of courses within the education programs,
  • In applicable cases, deciding on the distribution of places based on current selection criteria for selection to programs aimed at beginners,
  • Deciding on admission to later part of the program,
  • Deciding if vacancies on the program should be refilled and how many places should be filled,
  • In applicable cases, organizing and conducting the admission to the educations,
  • Deciding on special eligibility for programs leading to a general degree,
  • Deciding on special eligibility for courses after a proposal from an institution,
  • Deciding on economic issues within the budget framework allocated to the program committee for its own operations.
Lena Åminne