Faculty Office

Staff at the Faculty Office.

Head of Faculty Office: Ann-Christin Edlund

Education, Research and Communication

Faculty support: Anna Gåfvels Karlsson
Faculty leadership support: Cecilia Elofsson
Faculty Coordinator: Wasif Ali
Office Administrator: Anna Olson

Undergraduate education: Henna Harinen (Faculty Coordinator), Linda Wahlqvist, Anna Fahlgren (Director of Studies)

Doctoral education: Gunilla Mårald 

Research: Anna Lundberg

Information, news and media contacts, web: Lena Åminne, Ola Nilsson

Equal Opportunity: Henna Harinen

Safety and accessibility representative: Anna Lundberg

Finance and Human Resources

Budget, finance, statistics: Patrick Mauritzon (Budget Coordinator), Carina Wallmark (Budget Coordinator), Emma Samuelsson (Budget Coordinator), Jenny Kurki (Budget Follow-up), Christina Koppelman

Human resources, payroll, terms of employment: Elin Sonning, Jenny Bagglund, Ylva Hagervall, Hanna Nilsson, Elin Enqvist, Jannike Hurenkamp, Madeleine Lindmark, Lisa Berg

Environmental coordinator: Olle Nygren

Medical Programme

Head of Unit: Eva Ronström

Olov Olsson, Karin Norberg, Anna Kristofersson, Ylwa Wirtala, Tomas Jacobsson, Maria Lundqvist Persson, Nina Nilsson, Nina Häggkvist, Amanda Borgström, Lina Häggkvist, Karin Jansson, Markus Lundmark, Joakim Svartheden

Medical Proficiency Test: Kristina Dahl Harr, Peter Forsgren




Lena Åminne