Forskningstugg – a Journal Club on medical education research

In 2024, a journal club (JC) will start for those who want to immerse themselves in current research and methods in medical pedagogy (Medical education research – Health professions education research).

The Journal Club is conducted in collaboration between Umeå University, Örebro University, and Malmö University. We hope that with the Journal Club we can spark interest in evidence-based medical pedagogy and create conditions for starting and developing ongoing research at the Faculty of Medicine, Umeå University.

We who run the Journal Club are a group interested in advancing research in medical pedagogy (Medical Education Research – Health Professions Education research):

Elisabeth Carlson, Nurse, Professor, Malmö University
Samuel Edelbring, Associate Professor in Medical Pedagogy, Örebro University
Anna Fahlgren, Molecular Biologist, Education Leader, Umeå University
Petri Gudmundsson, Biomedical Analyst, University Lecturer, Malmö University
Magnus Hultin, Doctor, University Lecturer, Vice Dean, Umeå University
Malin Prenkert, Biomedical Analyst, Pro Dean, University Lecturer, Örebro University

Four meetings are planned during the spring term of 2024 where we will base our discussions on the book Researching Medical Education. With a Umu-ID account, you can find the book here.

The meetings will be on Zoom, at lunchtime from 12:00 to 12:50, and 3–4 times per term. The three organizing universities will alternate in leading the discussions, but your contribution based on reading and your perspective on the content of the text is the most important. A prerequisite is therefore that you are well-read before the meeting.

The discussions will be in Swedish but we conduct them in English if necessary.

Lena Åminne